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We booked Tatiana for two separate events already, one of which was our wedding. She arrived early and was very professional on site. She patiently took the time to make sure we got exactly what we wanted and nothing was missed. Not only did the photos come out fantastic, there was a very quick turnaround time. We couldn’t be more pleased an would recommend Red Siren Productions to anyone trying to find a reliable, hard-working photographer.

-Mike Nacko, Wedding Photography Client

Mike Nacko reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC— 5 star


Tatiana is not only professional during her photo shoots but she makes it a care-free spectacular time! She gives you confidence and really knows how to bring your personality to life in her photography. She is not just a photographer but a great artist!

Thank you for all of the great photo shoots and I hope we have many to come in the future! You are such a pleasure to work with

-Kati Zendt, Model

Kati Zendt reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star


Hire Red Siren Productions if you want a personalized experience where the photographer is doing what she loves and it shows in her work. She is a perfectionist and will not rest until your photographs are the best possible.

-Joseph Owczarek Jr, Fan

Joseph E Owczarek Jr reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star


Tatiana was the photographer for my wedding almost five years ago. She was very professional and patient with us on our special day. The pictures in my wedding album I will always cherish for years to come. They are absolutely wonderful and I will be excited to work with her again!

-Tori Manning, Wedding Photography Client

Tori Manning reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star


Amazing work never been happier with my photo shoot. The outcome never fails.

-Nate Myers,Homecoming Photo shoot

Nate Myers reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star


From what I’ve seen of Red Siren Productions’ photo portfolio it looks like they do some pretty good work.

-Sean Torrey, Fan

Sean Torrey reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star


 Nancy Donie reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star

Ash Kapriélov reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star

Lauren England reviewed Red Siren Productions LLC — 5 star

More Client Testimonials:

“As I’m sure all of you know, being in front of a camera can be nerve-racking to a point. But working with Tatiana was the most care-free professional experience for a photo shoot I have had yet. We have had two successful photo shoots together with great pictures that I am proud of! She not only knows how to capture your personality and energy and freeze it in time but she also knows how to make you feel confident and comfortable in the process. Whether it’s your big wedding day pictures and videos, or a photo shoot to build your portfolio, or any other special event in your life Tatiana is a great choice as a photographer or videographer. You will love her professional laid-back, friendly, optimistic attitude and will love the outcome of your portraits or videos.”

-Kate Zendt, Model

“Tatiana is a charismatic and driven individual who is setting standards in her industry. I’m looking forward to Dead End Studios turning out many excellent films”

-Trezire, Musician, Dead End Studios Review (Tatiana Leitzel’s Production company)


“Thank you so much for the beautiful family pictures you did for my children and me before my son left for Navy boot camp! I loved each and every one of them and it is so hard to pick out the Christmas wallets and the ones that I would like for gifts and to make larger. You did a wonderful job and you are truly gifted in photography!!!! Thank you so much again. I can’t wait to sit down with you and pick my black and whites and all the additional ones that I would like.”

-Patricia Wilson Peters, Photography Client


“Tatiana is an amazing director.  She works with you to improve your acting skills and opens more opportunities than you can imagine!”

-Amanda Clark, Actress


“Tatiana, Thank you so much for doing our wedding even though you just got out of the hospital from having your appendix out. You’re a smart young lady, full of energy and have a lot of talent. I would recommend you to anyone for taking portraits, weddings, reunions, etc. You do an excellent job on all your work.
We thank you so much for doing our wedding when you just got out of the hospital even though we said that you didn’t have to do the wedding you were right there for us. When you make a commitment you stick to it! you’re wonderful, love your personality and that wonderful smile you have. You keep going with all your work and you’ll go far.”

-Kim and Scott Barnhart., Wedding Photography Client


“I thought the pictures you took of our wedding were amazing. Some of them we could hardly believe were real, everything was crisp and just all around impressive, thank you again!”

-Michael and Tori Manning, Wedding Photography Clients


“Just watched the video on YouTube, it is really great! The editing and effects are awesome and look extremely professional. The music fits the video perfectly, I am really impressed. Thank you very much for all your work shooting and editing the video. I think it turned out great!!”

-David Icon, Magician


“Throughout the years as I would see {Tatiana’s}  photography work I was always so impressed, not everybody can “Catch” the moment with a camera the right way, if anybody could, it was her…Just having the history that I do with Tatiana, I can confidently say that she is an outstanding citizen, very honest person, and kind hearted.”

-Laura Caldwell, Fan


“I have seen and can attest to Tatiana Leitzel’s photography work. I have sat down with her and I have WATCHED her work on some of her projects, which were for customers of hers. She has told me about her customers and their joy, excitement, and how they loved the photographs that she had taken for them. I have not heard once of a customer not liking and/or loving the work of Tatiana Leitzel. I have also seen her TAKE photographs and I have SEEN her results before she had the time to refurbish those taken photos. Miss Leitzel is also very particular individual and will not settle for a mediocre scene. She will continue to get that “perfect picture” until she is satisfied. She is a hard working individual and will do most anything to please the customer, without taking the short-cut. I, again, attest to the authentication and the diligence of Tatiana Leitzel and the work that she achieves.”

-Jewel Hall, Photographer


“Tatiana did an outstanding job with the photo shoot of my girlfriend and I. Her personality made it very easy to just be ourselves around, giving the best possible expressions and emotions in each scene. Never having done this before, I didn’t really know how to pose or what would make the best picture. She didn’t just tell us what to do, but encouraged us to come up with how we wanted it, and then went from there with different posing positions. The only downside is that she took over 700 photos and it was very difficult to pick the ones I wanted printed! We ended up with 22 prints and were very satisfied. We plan to go back at some point in the future for additional photo shoots. Thank you!”

-Mike N., Couple’s Photography Client


“ We’d like to say how pleased and IMPRESSED we are with the work that Tatiana Leitzel did for us in editing and perfecting old personal photographs on her computer [for us]. She did a very professional job in a timely manner and explained everything she did in a way that we could understand.  She made sure her work was to our satisfaction and showed us different options and perspectives that could be implemented into each photograph so that we could choose exactly what and how we wanted them to be.  With her talent and dedication she was able to modify and IMPROVE our photographs of our beloved and deceased family member, Michael Blattenberger.  In her process she was able to capture and bring out his true radiant, sparkling funny and kind personality which he will always be remembered by.

 Tatiana presented us with flawless photographs for his memorial pictures of which we had imaged on his tombstone from Rice Memorial so that everyone who visited his final resting spot in New Buffalo Cemetery could still see his brave, glowing and positive spirit that will always embody him.  Now his image on his tombstone will continue to inspire us, even though he is in heaven, thanks to Tatiana’s ability as a professional. 

Tatiana has a gift where she can smooth out “the bad spots” in pictures; Capture the true character of the person, as well as the significance of a spiritual event.  Tatiana does this work for her own family so well.  She treats every customer with respect and treats each client’s request as if they were her own family’s wishes and she values her family dearly.

We highly recommend Tatiana Leitzel for any job.  She has an excellent work ethic, many talents and excellent interpersonal skills.  Her knowledge and experience with computers, art, filming, editing, and photography as well as her intelligence, commitment, integrity, and motivation makes her extremely qualified for the many services her business requires and offers.  She is great to work with and is very helpful and accommodation got the requests and instructions from her clients.  We are very happy that we found her to help us and will always keep her first in mind if we ever need her to customize our photos again.”

-Bernice L. Blattenberger & Rebecca A. Romaine,Photo Retouching Clients


Thank you so much for the beautiful family pics!!! I loved each and every one!!! Definitely better then Colleen and Company!!!”

-Patricia Wilson Peters, Return Photography Client


“Dear Tatiana, I couldn’t have asked for a better photo shoot. Every pose just came out so naturally. I still can’t get over how you were able to take an ordinary pose, whether it’s Mike and I running around or rolling in the grass, and just make the picture come to life. I’m just so blown away that you were able to capture the perfect moment and/or angle whether that was through sunlight, shadows, or through our emotions. Every picture just comes to life! One of my favorites is the one of Mike and I standing in the trees. The green leaves behind us just cascades behind us like we are standing near a waterfall.
I knew I was going to feel comfortable posing for you, obviously or I wouldn’t have agreed to do this in the first place, but I never expected to step away from the couple effect and do so many individual shots. Everything just flowed together and I was able to work off of your positive energy, as well as mine.
The quality of the prints just bursts with energy. You took so many photos for a single shot but each images manages to tell it’s own story, and I love that! There is no doubt you have an amazing gift and I look forward to working with you again really soon!
Thank you again for everything!”

-Heather Lahr, Couple’s Photography Client

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